CAMPUSHABITAT5U has developed the program Scientific Workshops whose students, objectives, activities and results are as follows.
a) 34 eleventh grade students of science and technology or first course of a training center linked to higher level branches of knowledge in science, engineering and architecture have participated. Participating students are 2 from Elx, 2 from Murcia, 5 from Cuenca , 25 from Castellón and its provinces .
b) The program aims to the enjoyment and better understanding of science. How? Allowing the students to approach science with curiosity, based on the most striking phenomena that can be developed in laboratories and scientific workshops, attracting the interest for more scientific qualifications and research, and promoting coexistence among students from other centers with the same interests, combining entertainment and science.
c) Thay have been held from 1 to 5 July 2013 with the following activities:
i. Theoretical foundation in the related field
ii. Lunch
iii. Experimental activities in laboratories
iv. Dinner in the University canteen
v. Applied mathematics
vi. Scientific English
vii. Discovering computing tools
viii. Specifically, we have celebrated the day of the Physics, Chemistry and Biology.