Actiu is a company specializing in the production of furnishings for the workplace and is active in more than 60 countries. The company’s annual turnover exceeds 50 million euros. Actiu employs 185 people, 12 of whom work in its R&D department. The company maintains a permanent research project collaboration with the Technological Institute of Furniture, Woodworking, and Packaging (AIDIMA).


In 2008, Actiu opened its new facilities: the Actiu Technology Park. The park includes a corporate office building, a large logistical building, and three production buildings, on a plot of land of which only 30% has been constructed (total area of 200,000 m2 with 130,000 m2 remaining untouched). It is not only a manufacturing centre, but a space created in order to:

  • allow increased business innovation through collaboration with the academic world;
  • allow more efficient technology transfer between Actiu and collaborating businesses; and
  • allow representatives from various industries to discuss issues related to workplace organization and equipment, to create knowledge that can be transferred to the company and the market.


The Actiu Technology Park is an example of leadership in the fields of energy and environmental design, through the application of significant criteria for sustainability to create a benchmark model:

  • Cisterns to store 12,000 m3 of rainwater
  • Solar energy system: 8,000,000 kWh per year
  • Savings on CO2 emissions of 8,300 tonnes/year

Its registration in the US Green Building Council is pending which would certify the company as a LEED (Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design) for existing buildings. The results of this certification process will allow Actiu’s corporate office building to significantly decrease the environmental impact of its day-to-day operations, through more efficient use of water and electricity, improved waste management, purchasing of environmentally sustainable products, and continual evaluation and improvement of interior environmental quality.

Actiu is the first Spanish company from its sector to join the Spain Green Building Council® (SpainGBC-CCVE®). This is the first national business association for companies in the built environment industry that are working to promote the construction of environmentally responsible, economical, and healthy places to live and work. SpainGBC-CCVE® is one of the eight LEED councils worldwide and is part of the USGBC (US Green Building Council), a group that has approximately 18,000 member companies and organizations from all over the world in the construction sector, and which works to promote the transformation of the constructed environment towards sustainability.

  • Recognition received by the Technology Park:
    • The 2009 International BEX Prize in the “Sustainability” category. Organizer: The Building Exchange
    • The 2010 Good&Best Practice Award Best Practice Project 2009 IFMA España
    • The 2008 FOPA Prize, Best project of the year. Organizer: The Alicante Federation of Public Works (FOPA)
    • The 2008-2009 Industrial Architecture Construction Prizes Special Mention. Organizer: NAPISA and the Madrid Architecture School
    • Best design for interior and exterior signs and labels. Organizer: ADCV – The Valencian Community Association of Designers


  • QualityActiu has been awarded the following quality certifications:
    • The AENOR-IQNET 9001 Certification (Quality Management)
    • The AENOR-IQNET 14001 Certification (Environment)
    • European Community activity area
    • Certification of the Chain of Custody of Forest Products (PEFC)
    • Also, the AIDIMA Technological Institute tests and certifies all of Actiu’s products under the EN-UNE standards applicable for each case


  • Socially responsible businessActiu also represents a model company in terms of its social responsibility, actively participating in international networks and collaborating with various social entities in its local area. Some of its most relevant activities in this area include:
    • Adherence to the Global Compact of the United Nations
    • Sponsorship of sporting and cultural activities
    • Collaboration with NGOs and social entities

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