CAMPUSHABITAT5U is set up to be a territorial campus for the Valencian Community as a whole that combines efforts and shares knowledge and enjoys international visibility and scope. Its framework of alliances is established on three levels:

  • Strategic alliance: the five universities that make up the Valencian Public University System (SUPV):
  • Universitat de València (UV)
  • Universitat Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)
  • Universitat d’Alacant (UA)
  • Universitat Jaume I (UJI)
  • Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (UMH)
  • Alliances by specialization: the involvement of the most significant stakeholders in the Valencian Community (CV) in the sphere of Habitat and Territory already actively working with the five universities of the SUPV:
  • The Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT)
  • Technology institutes of the CV
  • The Spanish National Research Council via institutes in the area of specialization
  • Businesses, clusters and business association in the area of specialization
  • The trade fair institutes of Valencia and Alicante
  • Institutional alliances: the public administrations of the CV, institutions providing support for R&D&i activities who are involved in the sphere of Habitat and Territory, as well as economic, social and cultural stakeholders:
  • The government of Valencia (Generalitat Valenciana)
  • The city and town councils of all the municipalities in which the five SUPV universities are active, and where collaborative projects are carried out (university extension programmes, local development programmes)
  • Professional associations in the CV and their regional organizations
  • Business confederations in the CV and their regional organizations
  • Chambers of commerce in the CV
  • Leading museums and cultural entities


[ , PDF ] Supporting document for the CAMPUSHABITAT5U Campus of International Excellence project


[ , PDF ] CAMPUSHABITAT5U Alliance Agreement


  • [ , PDF ] The Network of Technology Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT) REDIT’s mission is to contribute to the regional, national and international recognition of technology institutes as an effective model of organization in the science, technology and business system.
  • Technology institutes in the Valencian Community
    • [ , PDF ] The Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) This joint public-private institute seeks to lead processes of technological innovation and design in the Spanish ceramics sector, anticipating the needs of the market and of consumers in the uses and applications of ceramics.
    • [ , PDF ] The Technological Institute of Construction (AIDICO) The primary raison d’être of AIDICO is optimizing the capacity for innovation, quality, safety and sustainability in companies in the sector to promote competitiveness in national and international markets.
    • [ , PDF ] The Technology Institute of Furniture and Woodworking (AIDIMA) AIDIMA’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of businesses in the furniture, woodwork, packaging, and transport industries, in all aspects related to technological innovation, education, information, safety and the environment.
    • [ , PDF ] The Institute of Energy Technology (ITE) The mission of the ITE is to provide companies with solutions by means of the incorporation of technology, through projects and R&D&i services, tests, training and technological dissemination so their products, services and processes are safe and more efficient, thereby boosting competitiveness in multiple economic sectors.
    • [ , PDF ] The Institute of Information Technology (ITI) ITI carries out research, development, innovation and technology transfer tasks, offering companies the possibility of incorporating technologies and capacities developed in R&D&i into their products, processes or businesses.
    • [ , PDF ] The Biomechanical Institute of Valencia (IBV) A technology centre that combines knowledge from the fields of biomechanics and ergonomics and applies it to different environments for the purpose of improving the competitiveness of the business world through the well-being of people, as it studies the behaviour of the human body and its relationship to products, settings and services used by people.
    • [ , PDF ] The Metals and Mechanics Technology Institute (AIMME) The purpose of the institute is to promote improved competitiveness in companies in the metal processing sector through the application of R&D&i, both in their productive processes and in their products.
    • [ , PDF ] The Textile Technology Institute (AITEX) A technology centre devoted to research in the areas of knowledge of science and technology in the textiles industry and related fields, whose primary objective is to improve competitiveness in the sector and offer textile-based solutions to society that will contribute to people’s well-being, health and quality of life.
  • The Institutes of Spain’s National Scientific Research Council (CSIC)
    • [ , PDF ] CSIC
    • The Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences (CSIC)
      A centre for research and scientific-technical assistance that works in the sphere of construction, driving innovation in construction techniques and systems, conducting research to improve the level of comfort in buildings, minimize the consumption of energy and develop new materials
    • The Ceramics and Glass Institute (CSIC) The mission of the institute is to carry out, at the highest level, all types of research work on ceramic and glass materials. Its activities are aimed primarily at designing, processing, characterizing and applying new materials.
  • Companies, clusters and associations in the sphere of Habitat and Territory
    • [ , PDF ] ACTIU Actiu is a company specializing in the creation of furnishings for work spaces, designing, producing and marketing equipment to make public offices and spaces more effective and comfortable.
    • [ , PDF ] ACCIONA ACCIONA’s mission is to be a leader in the creation, promotion and management of infrastructure, energy and water, actively contributing to social well-being, to sustainable development and to the generation of value for different interest groups.
    • [ , PDF ] Aquagest Levante S.A Aquagest Levante contributes to improving the quality of life of more than 2,800,000 inhabitants of the Valencian Community. In conjunction with joint affiliate companies it has become the primary private urban water management operator in the Valencian Community.
    • [ , PDF ] The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER) The association brings together and represents ceramic covering production companies from all over Spain. It is conceived as an organization to provide support, defend and promote the general and common interests of the ceramics industry.
    • [ , PDF ] CEMEX A global leader in the construction materials industry that offers high-quality products and reliable services to clients and communities throughout the world. Its mission is to consolidate itself as the most efficient and innovative construction materials company in the world.
    • [ , PDF ] FCC A company specializing in citizen services which was born through the merger of the companies Construcciones y Contratas and Fomento de Obras y Construcciones. Its production is highly diversified, including work from environmental and water services management, to the construction of large infrastructure and urban equipment, to the generation of renewable energies.
    • [ , PDF ] Ferrovial, S.A Ferrovial Servicios has been consolidated as one of the leading European companies in environmental services and management and maintenance of facilities and infrastructures. Its mission is to develop smart infrastructure that respects the environment and contributes to the improvement of society.
    • [ , PDF ] Grupo Cívica Grupo Cívica is the culmination of activities developed for 70 years as Grupo Ortiz. The company’s development has gone hand in hand with the expansion and diversification of its activities in works and services in response to the needs of the broad sector of construction.
    • [ , PDF ] Hormigones Martínez This is a company devoted to construction projects for public works and construction in general, located in Alicante.
    • [ , PDF ] Iberdrola, S.A. IBERDROLA is the top energy group in Spain , one of the five largest electrical power companies in the world and a global leader in wind power. Its vision unites the economy, society, the environment and sustainability.
    • [ , PDF ] INDRA Indra is a global technology, innovation and talent company. It is a leader in high value added solutions and services for the transport, traffic, energy and industry, public administration, health, financial services, security and defence, and telecom and media sectors.
    • [ , PDF ] Porcelanosa Porcelanosa Grupo is a benchmark company in the national and international market, and is based on values such as innovation and quality, offering an extensive range of products that include everything from kitchen and bathroom equipment to advanced construction solutions for modern architecture.
    • [ , PDF ] Vías y construcciones S.A VIAS belongs to the Grupo ACS, one of the largest construction and services groups on the international stage, and focuses its activity on the construction and management of infrastructures and services. It builds roads, motorways, airports, dams, canals, ports, buildings, housing developments, waste treatment plants, gas pipelines, etc. maintaining a position of leadership in construction and conservation works and incorporating the most advanced technologies and the most modern equipment in their execution.
    • [ , PDF ] The Valencia Trade Fair Centre Spain’s oldest institution dedicated to the organization of trade fairs. With a exhibition space covering 231,000 square metres, it is one of the most modern fair venues in Spain.
    • [ , PDF ] Alicante Trade Fair Institute The IFA organizes more than twenty fairs and multiple congresses, seminars and symposia which have positioned the Alicante Trade Fair Institute as one of the top venues in terms of the number of events organized and in the net area of exhibition space available.