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ACTIU, A MODEL VALENCIAN COMPANY COMMITTED TO IMPROVING THE ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY   CORE MEMBER Actiu is a company specializing in the production of furnishings for the workplace and is active in more than 60 countries. The company’s annual turnover exceeds 50 million... View Post
THE CAJA MEDITERRÁNEO SOCIAL WELFARE PROJECT CONTRIBUTES TO ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND THE RECOVERY OF VALENCIA’S CULTURAL HERITAGE   CORE MEMBER The social welfare project area of Caja Mediterráneo (CAM) has been intensely active in moving forward with the plans it has established... View Post
THE DÉNIA HOSPITAL: A DIFFERENT KIND OF HEALTHCARE CENTRE   CORE MEMBER DKV aims to provide value, quality, innovation, and experience in the provision of public healthcare. In 2005, the government of Valencia awarded DKV the public contract for management of the community’s Healthcare... View Post
THE MUNICIPALITY OF CARRICOLA, AN EXAMPLE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT   CORE MEMBER Carricola is a small municipality with just 83 residents, located in the protected landscape of l’Ombria del Benicadell. For years, Carricola has relied on sustainable development and respect for its... View Post
VALENCIA’S PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES AS DRIVERS OF RURAL REGENERATION CORE MEMBER The University School Experimental Technology and Sciences (ESTCE) of the Universitat Jaume I is responsible for teaching efforts oriented towards the awarding of official degrees recognized throughout Spain as well... View Post