CAMPUSHABITAT5U is a Campus of International Excellence proposal promoted by the group of educational institutions that make up the Valencian Public University System (SUPV): the Universitat de València (UV), the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), the Universitat d’Alacant (UA), the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) and the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (UMH).

The project also involves the participation of significant actors in the campus’s area of specialization, Habitat and Territory, who already collaborate with the five SUPV universities:

  • The Network of Technology Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT)
  • Technology institutes of the Valencian Community which are active in the campus’s area of specialization
  • The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) via institutes active in the campus’s area of specialization
  • The primary companies, clusters, business associations and institutions of the economic and social sectors related to Habitat and Territory
  • The Valencia Trade Fair Centre and the Alicante Trade Fair Institution (IFA) through various competitions and events related to the area of specialization
  • Governmental bodies of the Valencian Community as well as all public institutions whose activities coincide with Habitat and Territory

Therefore, it is a Valencian Community (CV) Campus that jointly combines efforts and shares knowledge to create a unique project of excellence in the sphere of Habitat and Territory. Furthermore, the project will strengthen and substantiate the capabilities of the organization as a whole and provide new opportunities for research and innovation as well as improvements in the employability of university graduates and the general population of the CV.



CAMPUSHABITAT5U aims to become:

  • A driver and revitalizing agent in the process of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, developing a model in which specialized knowledge, innovation, creativity, internationalization and interdisciplinarity contribute to:
    • improved territorial competitiveness;
    • a benchmark model in balanced growth;
    • a system of sustainable construction that generates new economic opportunities with high added value.
  • An international academic and scientific hub in the European Mediterranean Arc.


The mission of CAMPUSHABITAT5U is to create a convergence of excellence to improve the habitat and boost the wellbeing of the population through an alliance of the most significant stakeholders in the sphere of Habitat and Territory by:

  • promoting collaborative advanced research as an instrument for improvement in the Valencian System of Science and Technology;
  • encouraging interdisciplinarity as a framework for the active participation and inclusion of different economic sectors;
  • supporting creativity and entrepreneurship for improved employability;
  • consolidating academic and scientific quality at an international level;
  • contributing to the development of cohesive and dynamic spaces.



Previous inter-university cooperation experiences of the universities of the SUPVJoint international teaching strategy
Geographic proximity to centres of R&D&i and socio-economic agentsHabitat and Territory: economic sectors in reconsideration
Alliance of leaders in science and technology in the CVResearch internationalization strategy
Outstanding participation in educational activities at all levels: pre- and post-doctoralInclusive environments in higher education
Specialization in key sectors of the economyTransfer of research results to the socio-economic sphere
High potential of doctors and technologists in the allianceAttraction and promotion of research talent
The EU’s commitment to smart, sustainable and inclusive growthGlobal economic crisis
Clusterization of knowledge linked to Habitat and Territory in the CVGlobal competition in higher education
Full involvement of the administrations and institutions of the CV to make improvements in Habitat and TerritoryInternational competences in science, technology and innovation systems
Capacity for urban and rural transformation based on an inclusive social modelNon-unitary strategic coordination and orientation in research
Promotion of the art-technology-science interactionLack of connection with the business world in R&D&i policies
Capacity to strengthen internationalizationLack of international visibility and recognition

Campus model


The model of CAMPUSHABITAT5U is based on four main characteristics:

  • Alliance: a campus in the Valencian Community that combines efforts and shares knowledge
  • Specialization: developing an excellence project that is unique in Spain in the sphere of Habitat and Territory
  • Interdisciplinarity: developing a multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary campus based on the interaction of different economic sectors and multiple disciplines
  • Internationalization: a project that increases the international visibility of teaching and research, attracts talent and solidifies the network of alliances

By means of this model, the campus aspires to lead and lend vitality to a process of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through:

  • specialized, but applicable, knowledge;
  • research and innovation for the transfer of scientific and technological results;
  • creativity and the art-technology-science interaction;
  • sustainability.

The model has two objectives:

a) The specialization of the alliance to contribute to:

  • changing the productive model;
  • improving employability; and
  • developing a territorial strategy that will generate social and territorial cohesion in the Valencian Community.

International orientation and contribution through:

  • creating a coordinating hub in the region of the Mediterranean Arc; and
  • belonging to international networks related to the sphere of specialization, thereby promoting the exchange of talent.

Summary of alliances and objectives

Summary of alliances

The framework of alliances of CAMPUSHABITAT5U is established on three levels:

  • Strategic alliances: the five universities that make up the SUPV (the Universitat de València (UV), the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), the Universitat d’Alacant (UA), the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) and the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (UMH))
  • Alliances by specialization:The most significant agents active in the sphere of Habitat and Territory that currently work in collaboration with the five SUPV universities:
    • The Network of Technology Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT)
    • Technology institutes of the CV
    • The Spanish National Research Council via institutes active in the area of specialization
    • Businesses, clusters and business association in the area of specialization
    • Trade fair institutions of Valencia and Alicante
  • Institutional alliances:the public administrations of the Valencian Community, institutions providing support for R&D&i activities who are involved in the sphere of Habitat and Territory, as well as economic, social and cultural stakeholders:
    • The government of Valencia (Generalitat Valenciana)
    • The city and town councils of all the municipalities in which the five universities of the SUPV are active and with which they have developed cooperative projects (university extension programmes, local development programmes)
    • Professional associations in the CV and their territorial organizations
    • Business confederations in the CV and their territorial organizations
    • CV chambers of commerce
    • Leading museums and cultural organizations in the CV




  • To consolidate CAMPUSHABITAT5U’s position as an international hub of teaching and research excellence in Habitat and Territory
  • To consolidate a competitive range of educational options beyond our borders to promote the attraction of international students
  • To create an environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship to foster increased employability
  • To provide an interdisciplinary higher education system that improves the skills of students and their ability to meet social needs
  • To promote an integrated environment between the university and vocational training centres in order to achieve sustainable and integrated development in the field of Habitat and Territory and to encourage the participation of the greatest number stakeholders in the territory as possible
  • To promote international, inter-university, interdisciplinary advanced research in the sphere of Habitat and Territory
  • To attract and promote highly qualified research talent
  • To drive innovation and creativity in an inter-disciplinary environment as an alternative approach to economic growth and social well-being, promoting the development of research projects at the intersection of art, science and technology
  • To promote innovative economic activities in Habitat and Territory through collaboration between the university, technology centres and the business world
  • To strengthen the capacity for the inter-university transfer of knowledge in Habitat and Territory on a national and international scale, fostering the evaluation and use of result results
  • To increase the visibility of scientific and technological innovations in Habitat and Territory in society
  • To develop a coordinated CAMPUSHABITAT5U strategy of participation and leadership in renowned platforms, networks and alliances
  • To strengthen international cooperation in development in the sphere of Habitat and Territory
  • To foster the coordinating nature of the campus to contribute to the revitalization of socially cohesive settings
  • To consolidate a sustainable campus to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants
  • To promote an inclusive social model that ensures equal opportunities and the ability to draw in the great diversity of stakeholders in the territory, coordinating initiatives and generating efficiency in each of the areas of action
  • To advance toward a consolidated and sustainable economic model, increasing productivity and competitiveness in the territory