He has acted in the performance of building 4, Edificio Severo Ochoa, Campus de San Juan de Alicante. In this facility classrooms and labs are designed for grades medical schools (Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry and Physiotherapy) and Pharmacy (Pharmacy). In this facility exist 5017.02 m2 of gross floor area (4453.62 m2 of floor space) for teaching both theoretical and practical. At this time, pending receipt of the building (deadline 02/08/2013). The building, developed as a twin of prisms with three levels comprises: 1. – Basement Floor: Reception area and body preparation, laundry and toilet facilities, 2. – Ground floor with the main entrance on the south, and emergency exits for East and West. Classrooms and Lecture Hall with road frontage, the concierge, computer room, toilets, halls, and rooms facilities are located in the direction East. Three. – First Floor with Simulation Workshop, 2 rooms and two toilets, 4. – Second Floor with Area of Dissection (Room, Offices, Osteoteca, preparation room, in cooler room, Reagents, Casket Store, Garment Students , Wardrobe, Toilet, special preparations room), 2 rooms and two toilets. May. – Covers: Flat, with benches for disposal of machinery and solar panels.

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