It has designed a comprehensive program of actions aimed at VET institutions attached to the UV . This program has been reported in a variety of media centers and developed properly during the measurement period of this report.

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Aprèn i Emprèn program consists of the following actions:

1. Zero Workshop : “From the degree training cycle “

This workshop sought to show the possibilities of future training and employment that could have vocational training students continuing their studies at the University.

2. Meet the School of Economics

The main objective was to inform the School of Economics , their qualifications and access made ​​possible among students of vocational training through a briefing and a visit to Campus Tarongers .

3. The Bar of Sciences : Nutrition and Dietetics

This is an initiative for dialogue and debate open to students of vocational training whose main objective was to bring science , in this case studies nutrition and dietetics.

April . Workshop of the School of Engineering

The workshop aims to motivate students to learn about the techniques and methods of engineering.

The topics are: Computing and Multimedia ( web portal management , editing and publishing digital image and audio ) , Industrial Electronics Technology (programming and robot communication , instrumentation and measurement , applications of digital signal processing ) and Chemical Technology and Industrial Processes (manufacture ice bath ; obtaining essential oils of orange and lime) .

May . Audiovisual Communication Workshop

Introduce the spaces that the University of Valencia made ​​available to students audiovisual training cycles . Students were able to learn the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication , the degrees offered and the facilities and capabilities of the Audiovisual Workshop UV .

June . Geographers Future Workshop : GIS Laboratory CAMPUSHABITAT5U

The purpose of Teledetecció GIS Laboratory of the Department of Geography at the University of Valencia is to provide researchers of the university community with the necessary infrastructure to carry out mapping associated with their research projects as well as research in the field of Geographic Information Systems . With this workshop we try to bring the profession geographer from the perspective of a current issue such as Geographic Information Systems .

Prospective students may also learn about the improvements that have been introduced in this exercise in this lab thanks to the aid of the Campus of International Excellence CH5U

July . Saturdays information

In addition to the attention the Revitalization Information Service (SEDI ) provides usually been open two Saturdays to advise and inform students of vocational training and their families on access to the University and offer degrees .